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Shenzhen Desun Solar Technology located in Shenzhen with 350 staffs and 18000 square meters was founded in 2009. Desun has got the international certification of quality system ISO9001. Our company has seven major workshops, including sorting workshop, cutting workshop, welding workshop, SMT workshop, lamination Workshop, packaging workshop and assembly workshop. In our cutting workshop, there are 14 automatic laser cutting machines, which can cut 40000 pieces of solar cells every day. In our welding workshop, there are four large automatic series welding machines and six small automatic series welding machines, which can weld 16000pcs solar panels with power ranging from 2W to 6W and 2000pcs larger solar panels with power ranging from 100W to 180W every day. In our SMT workshop, there are two automatic SMT machines, which can produce  40000pcs small solar panels  with power ranging from 0.1W to 2W.

Shenzhen Desun Solar Technology Co.,Ltd.

Shenzhen Desun Solar Technology Co.,Ltd.

Shenzhen Desun Solar Technology Co.,Ltd.


     Shenzhen Desun Solar Technology Co.,Ltd specialized in solar products since 2009. Founded in Fuyong Shenzhen, we moved to Shiyan town in 2015. After 9 years' development , the factory area increase from 1200㎡ to more than 18000㎡ . The number of employees increase from 60 to 300 around.

As a professional solar factory, we aim to be specialization, innovation and research new solar products.We can provide OEM and ODM service according to your requirements.Our solar panels are widely used in outdoor areas, transportation, telecommunications and the Internet of things, we have cooperate with many companies to design solar products applied in camera, lamps and lanterns, power station, GPS tracking device, bluetooth devices,and so on, As we have different kinds of solar cell, including Sunpower cell, CIGS cells, monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon solar cell,we can customized different kinds of solar panels or solar products to meet our customers' needs,which is one of our biggest advantage.


Shenzhen Desun Solar Technology Co.,Ltd.




Most of our solar products are customized. In order to meet the diverse needs of our customers, we have established a professional team to customize different solar panels for their products.We have monocrystalline, polycrystalline, Sunpower, LG and CIGS solar cells that can meet different needs of customers. In addition, we can also design circuits to meet the use scenarios of customers' products.If there is a need to design solar power supply system, we can also design for you 

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